Room Additions

Adding on to your present home is a great method to put up rising needs of your family without any hassle of shifting to a new house.

When it comes to room addition, the options are limitless. You can add bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, kid’s room and even a space for your office. Moreover, you build a completely new story to increase space and worth. It not only helps you cater to every need of your family but also attracts a lot of buyers when you want to put your home for sale. It will definitely give you good returns on investment in long run.

We have a team of builders, technicians, designers and architects who will work with you to design and develop an extension for you. Our experts design a layout professionally, that can match up your needs. We provide some layouts first so that you can see your room addition from all aspects and choose the best one. We take sufficient time to listen and understand every need of the clients closely and design a customized project you desire for. Our professionals offer outstanding craftsmanship and value to our clients. We not only design and create various home extensions but also educate the clients about every step of the way.

When it is about adding a new space in your house, safety should be on first priority. We make you assured that we will take care of the safety of everything from start to finish. Our consultants are well aware about building permits and restrictions. So, everything will be done as per the guidelines and rules.

Here at Dream Builders, we understand that constructing an addition to your home is an imperative decision, so our entire team is committed to make sure that the entire process is comfortable and the final outcome will satisfy your expectations.

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